6D Eyebrow Microblading by Browmance Aesthetic Services Review, Healing Process, Before & After

Waking up with makeup sounds too good to be true, especially if you’re someone who struggles with eyebrow makeup like I do. Having brows on fleek is pure bliss which is even truer for someone who has light and sparse eyebrows.

There are numerous struggles when it comes to shaping your brows, you could have brows that are too thick or too dark. Heck, if you’re a perfectionist, it might even bother you when your brows are not drawn identically.

Your brows can make or break your look, they frame your face and enhance your natural beauty. So, if you’re planning to get semi-permanent eyebrows, better leave it in the hands of someone you can trust. After all, getting your eyebrows a semi-permanent tattoo is a commitment that can last for even as long as two years.

First Eyebrow Embroidery Experience at a Different Salon
The first time I tried eyebrow embroidery was a disastrous affair, I was scared of getting my brows done again because of that experience. I don’t really know why but when I had my brows done elsewhere, it was really painful and the color didn’t really stuck which was actually because I didn’t really like the shape.

Second Eyebrow Embroidery Experience at Browmance
Now, on my second attempt at eyebrow embroidery, I was bent on making the right choices starting with eyebrow shape! I wanted that coveted Korean straight eyebrow look or something close to it and I entrusted that wish with Browmance Aesthetic Services.

Did It Hurt?
I was amazed! It didn’t hurt at all! The pain actually depends on how much numbing cream is used. In my case, it didn’t hurt, it only felt like someone was lightly scratching my skin. However, during my retouching session, less numbing cream was used so I could feel the pain this time but it was still somewhat bearable.

Browmance offers, by far, the cheapest eyebrow embroidery service yet. One session only costs P6,000 and sometimes, you don’t even need to do avail of a retouching session. A 6D microblading service that uses plant based dye for P6,000 is really cheap compared to similar services.

Healing Process
As someone who has a habit of rubbing their eyes and occasionally, their eyebrows, you could tell that the healing process was whole other challenge for me. After the eyebrow embroidery session is over, you’ll leave the clinic with a neat but dark looking set of eyebrows which just makes you look like you’ve worn an eyebrow pencil shade too dark due to the scabs.

It’s the couple of days that follow that are the most difficult. At times, the scabs feel itchy, but at other times, it’s not really itchy per se, it just feels uncomfortable which led me to try and pick on it. I often found myself touching the scabs, on the brink of picking on them. During the initial healing process, I couldn’t resist picking on the scabs but during the healing process after the retouching session, I last a week without picking on the scabs.

Retouching Session
During the first session, I had yet to discover that I had hyperthyroidism which has something to do with hormones which probably explains why the dye didn’t stick much too my skin. We don’t really know the explanation as to why the dye was able to set more during the retouch session but I’m not complaining.

Safe for breastfeeding moms
I love that their eyebrow embroidery is 100% organic and all-natural, but best of all it’s safe for breastfeeding moms. Of course, to be sure, you can ask your physician.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the results. There is a world of difference between the before and after photos. I requested a Korean straight brow look and they nailed it, especially since they took my natural brow shape into consideration. Getting an all-natural eyebrow embroidery done by expert brow masters for only P6,000 is worth it.

Watch the 6D Microblading process.

Browmance Aesthetic Services is located at BSA Twin Towers, Bank Drive, Pasig City.

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  1. Yey! ganda ng eyebrows, i love it. And the lashes din.😍😍😍

  2. Jonna Cielo: Gusto ko matry magpa-eye lashes hehe! Feeling ko maganda ko pag meron nun never ko pa natry.

  3. Iba talaga pag mahaba ang pilik mata. At nakaayos lagi ang kilay nating mga girls.. Nakaka blooming tignan. Ganda po ms. Prelel, if my budget ako gusto ko din niyan 😍😍

  4. Very pretty!! I think maganda din sakin yan. I am planning to try eyebrow microblading before Christmas para maganda ako sa reunion. Thanks for sharing your experience I really appreciate this.


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