Peachy Prelel

I’ve hinted on a new blog name several times on some of my blog posts but I’ve been conflicted on whether or not I should actually change my blog name. If you’re reading this, then I have finally decided to say goodbye to “Prelel Dares to Dream” and put on my new blog name, “Peachy Prelel”.

“Peachy Prelel” is actually one of the name of my “chapters” in this blog. Whereas anything under lifestyle falls into this category. However, even back then, when I came up with “Prelel Dares to Dream” and the name of my three chapters, Prelel the Style Junkie, Prelel Eats and Peachy Prelel, I’ve already thought about making my blog name Peachy Prelel. Hence, my watermark back then was in the shape of a peach.

Now, that I’ve decided that my blog content will revolve around beauty, I thought that it would be nice to change my blog to “Peachy Prelel”. I’ll be blogging mostly about Korean beauty and a hint of mommy life. Of course, there will be some baby beauty involve too, or more specifically, baby skincare.

Occasionally, there might be some OOTDs too, since I started from fashion blogging but it will probably just be a compilation of my outfits. There might be some lifestyle posts too and maybe even some kawaii, but I really want to try on focusing on beauty content.

I really do love peaches, especially peach colored things. Even my IGNs are related to peaches. To be honest, I wanted something cuter, like “Peachy Dreamer”, but that name’s taken.

Oh, and Baby Q looks so cute in the first photo. Coincidentally, we’re doing the same pose too! I took this back when I was taking pictures for my Althea Makeup Review.

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What do you think of my new blog name? Do you like the older one better?


  1. I've stumbled on your page with your blog name Prelel Dares To Dream, honestly I will surely miss it. 😥 Well anyways, I also like the idea of you changing your blog name and focusing on beauty products, Yay! 😍 How about a fusion of Prelel The Peachy Dreamer? Or Peachy Prelel the Dreamer. Just a suggestion though. 😊💕 Wish you all the best!

    1. I'll miss it too! It was the blog name that stuck the longest but hopefully, Peachy Prelel will be the last blog name change I'll go through.😊 Thank you, it means a lot to me!💕


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