Prreti Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick Review

Dry skin got you down? If you have dry, flaky skin under your eyes, try this Prreti Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick. Not only can the Prreti Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick moisturize the eyes but this handy stick can also be used on stubborn dry areas such as the elbows and lips.

Natural Ingredients
Prreti Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick contains 4 vegetable oils, cactus flower extract, and beeswax.

4 Different Vegetable Oils
Friendly to the skin, the Prreti Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick contains olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and achiote oil which locks in moisture to prevent moisture loss while keeping the skin moisturized. 

Just how easy and gentle it is to swipe this moisturizing eye stick on the eyes will determine if this product is good. To my surprise, it was actually pretty easy to swipe the balm on my eyes. I thought that there would at least be some small amount of friction which would be bad because rubbing can cause dark circles under the eyes. Contrary to what I expected, it was really gentle on the skin, but using my essence prior to applying eye stick might have helped as well.

As for the effect, I didn’t really notice any difference in terms of appearance but it’s probably because my dark circles and eye bags are not that bad. However, my skin did feel moisturized after applying the balm.

Soothing Scent
As for the scent it was soothing, and it kind of smelled like my Moonic Baby Balm. Texture-wise and appearance-wise, it was close to an ointment.

Multi-Use Balm
It’s good for dry skin so it could also be used for the lips, elbows, knees, and cuticles which easily gets dry. On the lips, it was just like applying lip balm it was light on the skin.

Perfect for Travels
The Prreti Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick is good for traveling especially for when your skin needs a little moisture from all that traveling since it is a multi-use balm. It’s compactness and stick feature both contribute to why it’s perfect for traveling.

Althea sells it for P260


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