Rire Lucent Star Cushion One Product Makeup Look and Review

At the top of my Althea Christmas wishlist last 2018 was the Rire Lucent Star Cushion, a super pretty and super handy makeup item. On the exterior, flowing stars that shimmer as you play with it will entertain you as you stare at it mesmerized. On the inside, you'll find a cushion and 2 different colors that you can use on your cheeks and lips. Just imagine saving yourself from the trouble of bringing various makeup items, not to mention the space you'll save. If you're out at a party and you prefer to bring a small bag with you, then this pretty little thing can help you with saving space.

Beautifully made
Whoever designed this must really understand the woes when it comes to wanting to pack light, but having a 3-in-1 feature is not its only charm. Sure, there have been various makeup products that have tried fitting different types of makeup items into one container but the Rire Lucent Star Cushion looks sleek and seems to be quite optimized.

Both sides have their own cover which snuggly snaps fit while one side can perfectly fit the makeup puff. 

Both sides can also be removed and replaced with another cushion or another color.

The cushion also has a seal for hygienic purposes.

Most satisfyingly is that the mirror is big enough to see your entire cheeks up close so you can apply with a better overall view.

My makeup application was far from perfect since I didn't use a primer and a concealer but I was pretty content with the results. Of course, since I didn't use a primer, you could still see my huge pores if you try to look really closely. However, I really appreciate the SPF50 which is high for a cushion.
Dewy Look
The cushion gave my skin a vibrant and fresh look that gave off a natural feel. I loved the dewy look from the cushion which is thanks to its moisturizing formula.

Lip and Cheek Color
With 2 vibrant and sweet shades that come in the shades pink and coral, you could mix and match the colors on your cheeks, lips and even your eyelids. On the eyelids, the color was vivid but it does seem like it was easily smudged as you can see on the photo. It could be because I have oily skin and I didn't use a primer, hence the slight smudging, that and it wasn't really made for the eyelids.

On the cheeks, it gave off a pretty flush and it was pretty easy to apply without overdoing it. On the lips, it didn't feel dry at all.

Key Ingredients
White Lupine Seed Oil: It contains 40% protein to replenish the skin's moisture, keeping it soft and smooth.
Hydrolyzed Collagen: Restores elasticity to the skin for a plump complexion.
White Peony Flower Extract: Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep the skin healthy.

Individually, the Rire Lucent Star Cushion costs P1,080 at Althea but I bought the RiRe Miracles for Makeup Lovers for P1,110 which already contains a RiRe Lucent Star Cushion, a Luxe Full Cover Concealer, a Dual Metallic Eye Shadow, and a Volume Tint. There was such a small difference in price that I decided to get the set and I’ll probably add the other items to one of my future giveaways.

Also, RiRe is on sale at Althea where you can get 20% off on RiRe products.