Innisfree Recipe Capsule Pack Bija and Aloe Review

If you love masks as much as I do then you'll love these capsule recipe packs from Innisfree. They come in 12 different variants which are a mix of sleeping packs and wash off packs. Getting these is the perfect way to find out which mask suits your skin best because you can try out all the variants without breaking the bank.

I prefer getting these over getting their pricy sheet masks, some of which are priced at over P100. I prefer these because you could always refrigerate the leftover and use them next, but the product instructions do state to use as quickly as possible upon opening.

I got this as a gift from Althea, so I'm not sure about the price, but last time I checked they sold another Innisfree Recipe Capsule Pack of a different variant for P110.

Innisfree Recipe Capsule Pack Bija and Aloe Features
Wash-off pack
Can be used as a shower pack or as a sleeping pack
Soothes and relieves troubled skin
Nourishes, refreshes and hydrates the skin

Innisfree Recipe Capsule Pack Bija and Aloe Key Ingredients
100ppm of bija oil
1,000ppm of aloe vera leaf juice extract
1,000 ppm of aloe vera leaf extract

The mask is gel-like, much like the popular aloe soothing gels. I refrigerated mine prior to opening and I love how cool it is on the skin. I used half of the capsule pack and left it on my skin for around an hour and only a small layer of the product was left on my skin so I'm not too keen on using it as a sleeping pack but on the bright side, it didn't clog my pores nor did it cause my skin to break out. Overall, I like how handy it is, it's compact and it has a tightly sealed cap, making it perfect for traveling light.