So Natural Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule Review

Discovering ampoules and essences is one of the best things that has ever happened to my oily skin which is why I can never resist a good ampoule or two. Today, I’ll be sharing with you a particularly interesting ampoule that will surely catch anyone’s eye. I’m talking about So Natural’s Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule which I got from the So Natural Launch.

From afar, the ampoule takes on a golden appearance. On closer inspection, you’ll discover that there are golden-like threads floating within the ampoule. At first, I thought these were the gold silkworm cocoon extracts. However, these were actually collagen threads designed to keep your skin firm.

Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule Key Features
20% Golden Silkworm Cocoon Extracts: revives and nourishes the skin.
Fast-Absorbing Threads: contains collagen and peptides formula to help firm the skin.
Formulated with 83% of nature-derived ingredients.
Powerful anti-aging ampoule.

Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule Ingredients
20% Golden Silkworm Cocoon Extracts
Honey Extracts

If your dry, rough skin is dull and not that elastic, then this product is perfect for you. The Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule is high in viscosity but it’s not heavy on the skin and I love how the threads melt into my skin. It’s quick to be absorbed by the skin and it delivers powerful results, leaving my skin supple and dewy. 

Despite being perfect for dry skin, the Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule works well with my oily skin. It didn’t clog up my pores nor did it cause a pimple. It’s actually pretty lightweight on the skin despite being rich and velvety. It was quite fun to watch the collagen threads dissolve as I massaged the ampoule onto my skin.


So Natural Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule is available at Seoulunni.