No Brand Green Therapy Serum Review

There’s no doubt about how I really enjoyed snacks from No Brand, but what about their beauty products? I got myself two beauty products from No Brand’s wide arsenal of beauty products and today’s review will cover No Brand’s Green Therapy Serum. Like your usual Korean cosmetics, this serum only contains ingredients that won’t bring harm to your skin. If you love your vegetables then you’ll love this serum’s green vege complex.

Green Vege Complex
Brussels Sprouts
Sunflower Seed
Brassica Napus

Other Ingredients
Propolis Extract

EWG Green
No Brand Green Therapy Serum contains EWG Green Grade ingredients. EWG refers to the ingredient safety grade by the Environmental Working Group which classifies cosmetic ingredients by a scale of 1 to 10. Grades 1 and 2 are considered the best grades and are classified as “Green” grade.

Green Activator
Containing Green Activator (propolis extract and avocado), the No Brand Green Therapy Serum promotes healthy, firm skin.

Free From 10 Kinds of Irritants
Free from 6 kinds of Parabens, Phenoxitinol, Benzyl alcohol, Benzophenon-3, and Benzophenon-8.

At first, the No Brand Green Therapy Serum gave a pleasant citrusy scent but the more I whiffed at the serum, the more that I could distinguish the scent of its other ingredients. Like its packaging, the serum looks simple with its milky opaque white appearance. Easy to spread and quickly absorbed by my skin, this serum leaves no sticky residue and a shine-free finish. This serum left my skin with a smooth, matte finish and with lots of moisture.

Price-wise, it’s not as expensive as other Korean serums yet it has all the goodness that comes with Korean skincare products.



  1. pls indicate when is the best time to usr the product

    1. When I first bought it, I used to use it every day and night after applying toner.


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