XYCOS Pink Collagen Serum Review

Have you ever tried a vegan Korean skincare product? XYCOS is a Korean skincare company that specializes in green and pure plant-based skincare. Their skincare line is strictly vegan and does not contain harmful or genetically modified ingredients. What I’ll be reviewing today is the XYCOS Pink Collagen Serum, which contains highly enriched collagen and pink complex.


Key Ingredients
Wild Berries

Honestly, I expected a pink appearance since the serum is called Pink Collagen Serum. However, it actually looks milky with a white opaque appearance. Consistency-wise, it is not viscous at all. Although it feels light on the skin, the feeling it leaves my skin with is similar to when I use a really lightweight cream which is perfect for areas that feel extra dry such as areas with fine lines. Also, it leaves my skin feeling slightly warm but highly moisturized.

I like how this serum is cruelty-free and GMO-free without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the product. I didn’t find out that the product was vegan until after I used it.

XYCOS formulates its products with super ingredients such as stem cell culture media, adenosine, niacinamide and ceramide which make the skin younger and better-looking without any harm. XYCOS Pink Collagen Line is certified by EVE VEGAN (Expertise VĂ©gane Europe). Read about my reviews with products from XYCOS's sister company, The Skin House Vital Bright Serum and Coxir Vita C Bright Toner.