Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Bad Rose Mini Kit #Vampire Rose Review


I recently scored a good deal at Etude House Philippines' sale at Shopee where their products were priced at 70% off. I couldn't resist getting a set of pretty lipsticks.

Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Bad Rose Mini Kit #Vampire Rose

As the name suggests, the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Bad Rose Mini Kit lipsticks come in mini sizes, making it compact and perfect for when you want to bring fewer things in your bag. There are three kinds of kits namely Vampire Rose, Black Rose, and Night Rose. The Vampire Rose kit contains a total of four shades, two of which come in a "moisturizing cream texture", and two of which come in a "matte chiffon texture".

I like the Vampire Rose kit the most because it lets you try both the chiffon and the cream lipsticks whereas the Black Rose kit only has cream lipsticks and the Night Rose kit only has chiffon lipsticks.


[Chiffon] Shy Confession

[Chiffon] Juliet Rose Bouquet

[Cream] Temptation of rose

[Cream] You are my rose

Cream Lipsticks Review

Highly pigmented and moisturizing, the lipsticks didn't dry my lips at all and it left it with a shiny finish. Instead, it left my lips moisturized. The cream lipsticks look so vivid it is applied but highly pigmented color doesn't exactly suit me. Thankfully, the lipsticks can also achieve softer colors if you use less and blend them, making a gradient look. Personally, I prefer the feeling of creamy lipsticks over matte lipsticks.

Matte Chiffon Lipsticks Review

The matte chiffon creates a softer color as compared to the cream lipsticks. I feel that it is less moisturizing than the cream lipsticks. There are fewer chances of smudging as compared to the cream lipsticks.

My only problem with this lipstick kit is that I can't find the manufacturing date and the expiry date. Since it's a sale item with a huge markdown, I assume that it's about to expire soon and I'd like to know when, especially since it's a product that is applied on the lips which could very much end up being ingested.


Originally, it was priced at P1,048 but during Etude House's sale, it was priced at P314. I got further discounts thanks to using a Shopee voucher so I actually bought it at P251 with free shipping. Talk about a steal! It's like getting the mini lipsticks at P62.75 each. Etude House still has some items on 70% off at Shopee but this lipstick set is no longer available.

I paired the red lipstick with this matching red blazer and shorts from Trends You Love. Check out my previous outfits with Trends You Love.