Niche Stitch Fabric Perfume Love is Drug Review


If you love art and fragrances, then you’ll love these lifestyle fragrance products from the Korean brand Niche Stitch. With beautiful artworks on the products, each Niche Stitch Fabric Perfume variant has a different artwork that matches the theme of the perfume.

Eliminates odor
Refreshens fabric
Long-lasting fragrance
5% fragrance concentration
Eau de Toilette (EDT) grade
One mist diffuses up to 6 hours
Certified by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI)
Compact size
Antistatic effects

Perfect for Multiple Occasions
After sweating to smell fresh
Before an important date
Before sleeping to sleep more soundly

01 Lusty Night
02 Love is Drug
03 Wing of Pegasus
04 Stroll in a Forest
05 Lunatic

At first, I thought this was a perfume where you spray on the skin but it turns out it’s sprayed onto the clothes.

I love the scent of the Niche Stitch Love is Drug variant, it really makes you fall in love with the scent. It’s the kind of scent that I love, not too overpowering yet feminine and fragrant. It’s definitely the kind of scent that I wouldn’t get tired of, it’s the kind of smell that you would want to have for like forever. The scent itself definitely smells fruity but on a more mature note.

I sprayed some of the fabric perfume on my pajamas before going to sleep, and when I woke up, I could still smell the lingering sent of the perfume.

You can get the Niche Stitch Fabric Perfume Love is Drug at my Charis shop for P810 ($15).