Y.N.M Rainbow Honey Lip Balm Review

A lip balm that reacts to temperature, the Y.N.M Rainbow Honey Lip Balm is definitely a mood. Dubbed as a lip balm with a twist, the Y.N.M Rainbow Honey Lip Balm has already reached 3 million sales. Y.N.M is short for You Need Me, and yes I definitely need this lip balm.

A beautiful, sparkly rainbow cylinder covers the lip balm. Not only is the packaging pretty, but it’s pretty neat how you press the button at the top to be able to pull down the lip balm itself.

Acts like a strong honey protective film
Lasts for hours
Natural lip color
Fills in the gaps for a smooth surface
Improvement of lip condition

Recommended for:
Lips that are frequently chapped and often have dead skin cells
Extremely dry lips that not only crack but bleed
Lips that have lost its luster and color
Lips that are frequently applied with lip makeup

Nourishment supply
Calming and moisturizing effects
Moisture retention capacity

Can be used as:
Moisturizing lip balm for frequent application on dry lips
Base lip balm before applying lipstick
Lip treatment for before going to sleep

Key Ingredients

I love how soft and lustrous my lips looked like after applying the Y.N.M Rainbow Honey Lip Balm. The color of the lip does appear to be like golden honey but after coming into contact with my lips, it turns into a pretty pink that appears natural and subtle. It’s definitely perfect for a no makeup look and for daily use since it makes my lips appear moisturized while giving it a youthful pink glow.

You can get the Y.N.M Rainbow Honey Lip Balm at my Charis shop for P540 ($10).