Live' us ampoule, B Review

Focusing on bamboo water extracted from bamboo grown in Damyang, Korea, Live' us utilizes the 18 kinds of amino acids and minerals found in bamboo water in the Live' us ampoule, B. This ampoule is not only clean in terms of ingredients but Live’ us made sure that everything about this ampoule considers its environmental impact from its packaging down to its flyers made from sugarcane.

Skin Soothing
Pore Care
Skin Radiance

Key Ingredients
Bamboo Water 70%
Cynanchum Atratum Extract
Ceramide NP


With a clear appearance, the Live' us ampoule, B is not as viscous as I thought it would be. However, despite not being that viscous in consistency, this ampoule leaves a thick yet light feeling on the skin. It feels thick in a way that when you apply it on to the skin, you’ll feel that it envelops your skin and leaves it feeling highly hydrated and moisturized.

The Live' us ampoule, B doesn’t feel greasy and does not leave a sticky finish but it does leave a moisture barrier on top of my skin. It takes quite a bit of time for my skin to fully absorb the ampoule. I like how it leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh, it also makes my skin appear to be dewy.

I also like the mild and soothing scent that this ampoule exudes.


You can get the Live' us ampoule, B at my Charis shop for P1,200 ($23).


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