Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk Review

Finding a sunscreen that you and your skin loves is definitely a joyous moment. What I like to look for in a sunscreen is a sunscreen that can let me get away with not wearing makeup while still looking fresh. Of course, maximum protection against harmful rays is a top priority. Apart from that, it’s important to me to have a sunscreen that won’t botch when I sweat profusely because I sweat easily. Today, I’ll share with you my review of Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk. This sunscreen has everything that I look for in sunscreens, good ingredients, excellent performance and maximum skin protection.

100% mineral sunscreen
Peachy tone up
Adhesive coverage
Complex of glacier water
SPF50+ PA++++

Key Ingredients
Canadian Whistler Glacier Water
Artemisia Princeps Leaf Water
Cabbage Leaf Extract
Broccoli Extract
Green Tea Extract
Hibiscus Esculentus Fruit Extract
Spinach Leaf Extract

With a non-greasy and non-sticky finish, the Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk is a lightweight sunscreen that leaves my skin feeling highly hydrated. The sunscreen itself has a light beige appearance but once it is spread onto the skin, it turns whitish. As for whether it leaves whitecast or not, the sunscreen will settle on the skin after a few minutes and it will leave the skin looking brighter and lighter because of the tone-up effect. It doesn’t look like the whitecast that other sunscreens leave behind, the Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk leaves a more natural-looking finish but with a tone up effect.

Maybe it’s because my other skincare products make my skin look dewy, but the final appearance of my skin after applying the Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk is one with a dewy finish. I also like how it leaves my skin looking peachy! It looks like I'm wearing blush in the picture but I'm not, I'm only wearing the Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk and the Dasique Blur Velvet Tint.

As for the primer aspect, it doesn’t have much effect on my oily skin. It wasn’t able to minimize the appearance of my huge pores. Maybe it would work better as a primer for other skin types because when I applied the sunscreen onto my hands, it felt a lot more hydrated and smoother than the areas without the sunscreen.

I usually apply sunscreen on my eyelids if the sunscreen doesn’t irritate my eyes. Luckily for me, the Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk didn’t irritate my eyes. Also, because it is so adhesive to my skin, even when I sweat there is no worry of having the sunscreen drip to my eyes. 

You can get the Keenoniks Rosy Tone-up Sunmilk at my Charis shop for P1,080 ($20.70).


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