Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick Swatches and Review

Soft and velvety, the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick is definitely befitting of its name. Inspired by a warm cup of latte with soft whip cream, the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick collection features soft velvety lipsticks that wrap the lips like soft milk foam.

01 Nudy Pecan
02 Maple Latte

Upon applying the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick onto my lips, I felt that the lipstick itself felt velvety. Although it is not moist, the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips. Rather, it feels as though I am wearing nothing on my lips, like a second skin. My skin still felt smooth when I touched it and the lipstick didn’t rub off, the lipstick adhered to my lips pretty well. The Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick gives off a natural-looking lip color that has a matte finish. It looks very fresh and natural, perfect for everyday makeup.

The color may appear soft and natural but if you compare it to your natural lip color, you can definitely tell that there is a huge difference, especially if you have dull-looking lips.

Like the lip look it gives, the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick has a packaging that appears to be simple yet elegant. I especially love how the lipstick itself appears, it has its brand name engraved on the lipstick.

For this makeup look, I tried using both of the shades. I used the Nudy Pecan as a base, coloring the outer parts of my lips with its soft peachy color. For the inner part of my lips, I used the Maple Latte which is a rosier color.

You can get the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick at my Charis shop for P730 ($14).

Watch me swatch the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipsticks.