Dasique Water Gloss Tint Swatches & Review

Let your lips glow with a lip tint that leaves the lips feeling and looking juicy like the Dasique Water Gloss Tint. A good lip tint can give you that much-needed boost of confidence, not only because it will make your lips even prettier but because you’ll be rest assured that your lip tint will stay in place and last long. The Dasique Water Gloss Tint is a lip tint that colors your lips with a beautiful summery shade that delivers maximum shine.

01 Peach Fairy
02 Rose Dahlia
03 Heart Wave
04 Blooming Red
05 Evening Dew

With colors ranging from soft to vibrant, the Dasique Water Gloss Tint can create juicy, natural-looking lip looks. The colors are so vibrant and adhere strongly to my skin. Even after hours have passed, my lips still looked vibrant and juicy. The Dasique Water Gloss Tint stayed on my lips, without smudging, for more than 8 hours. My lips also felt and looked highly hydrated the whole day thanks to this lip tint. I also liked how comfortable this lip tint was, it was light, not sticky, and it felt like I wasn’t wearing any lip tint.

The 01 Peach Fairy shade creates such a natural looking lip color that blends well with my lips. I created a gradient lip look with this shade and I found that it was really easy to create a lip gradient look with the Dasique Water Gloss Tint because of how well this lip tint adheres to my skin. After setting on my lips, the lip tint doesn’t spread or bleed which was why I found it easy to create the gradient look. I like how the Dasique Water Gloss Tint paired with a tone-up cream can easily make a fresh look with just two products.

I used 02 Rose Dahlia in this photo.

I swatched the lip tints on my arms and on my lips.

I was recently asked on my YouTube video on which Dasique lippie was the mask-proof and transfer-proof yet is moisturizing. I answered that for me, it's the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipsticks are the most transfer-proof and mask-proof. Although the Soft Velvet Lipsticks don't dry my lips, I find that the Blur Velvet Tints are more moisturizing but sometimes they transfer onto my mask. I usually go for an ombre lip look so I use the lipsticks first then I apply the Dasique Blur Velvet Tints on the middle. On special occasions, I use three variants, with the lipstick as the base followed by the Blur Velvet Tints then I finish off with a brighter shade of the Dasique Water Gloss Tints.

You can get the Dasique Water Gloss Tint at my Charis shop for P730 ($14).

Watch me swatch the Dasique Water Gloss Tints.


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  7. Wow ganda nmn ng shades ng Dasique Water Gloss tints lakas maka fresh ng color 😍


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