Beautylabo Whip Hair Color by Hoyu in Cherry Pink Review (No Bleach)

I’ve wanted to have pink hair which is why I tried this Japanese hair dye, Beautylabo Whip Hair Color by Hoyu. The appearance of the product itself is quite eye-catching. It comes with a pretty pink pastel shaker. What’s special about this hair dye is that it whips into foam. It’s my first time trying a foam-type hair dye. I’m no expert in DIY hair dyeing, I’ve only tried a handful of times in dyeing my own hair. Nonetheless, I’ll be sharing my experience as a (somewhat) newbie in doing DIY hair dye.

Mixing Shaker
After Color Treatment
Protective Gloves
Instruction Leaflet

Moisturizing INgredients
Honey & Fruits


When it comes to hair dye, I’m really keen on reading the instructions because I’m scared I’ll mess up somewhere and end up botching the results. Good thing I read the instructions because I usually dye my hair in the bathroom. Apparently, you’re not supposed to apply this hair dye in a place that is hot and humid, ergo the bathroom. Also, the product needs to be left at room temperature for at least one hour before mixing. You also need to shake 30 times. Anyways, there are a lot of precautions and instructions so better read up!

The whipped foam of the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color in Cherry Pink is quite pretty to look at.

Whip hair dye may be my new favorite kind of DIY hair dye. I find it a bit easier to use than the typical hair dye. I feel like it’s easier to spread, I just scoop some hair dye foam and spread it around. The foam also makes it easier to see just how much hair dye is on my hair. Ideally, you’ll want the hair dye to fully envelop your hair with lots of foam, just like in the photo above.

I only used one box of the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color in Cherry Pink on my hair. I wanted to do an ombre hair color so I only used the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color above the mid section of my hair until the ends of my hair. I’ve previously used a reddish hair color on my hair but I didn’t bleach it. 

I’m quite happy with the results. In retrospect, maybe I should have placed the Cherry Pink on top (not just because I want to say “cherry on top”). Since I didn’t bleach my hair, the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Cherry Pink appeared to be a sort of vibrant dark pink which would blend better with my original black hair color.

Overall, I think the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color is quite fun and easy to use. The only downside is that you have to do the whole process as quickly as you can. I tend to be a bit slow when it comes to using new hair dyes because I tend to check the instruction manual from time to time. I noticed that since I took so long, the foam was almost turning liquid when I was almost done.

You can get a box of Beautylabo Whip Hair Color on Shopee for P399.


  1. Awesome products. Beautiful as always Ms.prelel bagay po sa inyo πŸ₯°
    Nice hair color, I love itπŸ’—

  2. Maganda to , i tried this beautylabo , ang ganda ng result tlaga , at easy to apply lang kahit ioaw lang mag isa keri lang tlaga mag hair color 😘☺️😍


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