Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette Swatches and Review

Perfect for those who love glittery eyeshadow looks, the Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette has definitely got your back when it comes to creating glam looks. This eyeshadow palette contains 9 cool-toned eyeshadows that you can mix and match to create bold glittery looks or soft shimmery looks.


Taste the Dessert
Say Yes
Why So Worry
You're Glamorous
Welcome to Party
Come to Me
Made U Blooming
Still My No.1
Stole A Star

At first, I thought that the colors would be too bold for me but I was wrong. Even though the Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette was quite pigmented, the colors still appeared beautifully soft which Korean eyeshadows are known for. I like how there are three different types of glitters in this eyeshadow palette, it makes it fun to mix and match. The eyeshadows with glitter adhere quite well to my skin, they don’t look messy or spread out.

It’s quite easy to use even if you’re not that good at creating eye makeup looks because even using one or two of the softer eyeshadows can create a beautiful look suitable for everyday makeup.

There are instructions on the eyeshadow palette on how to recreate certain eyeshadow looks but it’s in Korean. You can find the English instructions in the Charis product page.

This is how it looks like on my eyes.


You can get the Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette at my Charis shop for P1,770 ($34).


  1. anh cute naman ilove the glitters mahilig din ako maglahgay ng glitters fave ko 🥰❤

  2. Super Ganda I love the glittery shades✨

  3. Love the palette nakaka inlove sa ganda 🤩✨


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