Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel Review & Swatches

A Korean eye makeup that can create soft shiny looks, the Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel is a handy eye glitter gel that has its own built-in brush. Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel has three different shades where each shade owns a different charm, allowing you to mix and match as you please.

01 Moonstone Splinter
02 Peach Diamond
03 Starry Midnight

With a strong adherence to the skin, the Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel performed quite well even though I tried it on my bare skin, no primer or anything. Even though my skin was oily, it still adhered to my skin, it didn’t smudge or anything. It only smudged when I rubbed the Starry Midnight shade but when used with a primer and finishing powder, the eyeshadow was able to stay in place.

With a beautiful appearance, the Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel comes in a jelly-like consistency. Even the packaging is unique, each of the Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel had a brush of its own that can be placed back on top of the container. It’s quite convenient when you’re outside and you want to reapply your eyeshadow because the eyeshadow brush will always be with the eyeshadow.

Both the Moonstone Splinter and Peach Diamond creates a subtle glittery look. It’s subtle because the glitters have an almost transparent base. I love how the Moonstone Splinter can make my eyes pop when I put on simple makeup. The Peach Diamond and the Moonstone Splinter can make everyday makeup looks appear more vibrant without disrupting the simplicity of the overall look.

I also like how I can use the Popsynote Shining Glitter Gel on top of other eyeshadows.

Unlike the two shades, the Starry Midnight appears to be more vivid. This golden shade draws attention towards the eyes with its vibrant glittery appeal.

I applied the Peach Diamond on my eyelids and the Moonstone Splinter below my eye.

I used the Starry Midnight on both my eyelids and below my eyes.


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