Benton Mineral Sun Stick, Honest Eyelash Serum & Lip Balm Review

Before I apply makeup, I make sure that not only is my skin prepped but also my eyelash and lips. These products from Benton definitely make a great face prepper for applying makeup.

A BHA toner definitely helps in creating a smooth canvas for makeup because it helps exfoliate the dead skin cells from the skin. I’ve previously reviewed this toner and you can check it out on my Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner Review.

Benton collection
Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner $8.50
Benton Mineral Sun Stick $17.50
Benton Honest Eyelash Serum $9.50
Benton Honest Lip Balm $4.50

Benton Mineral Sun Stick
Features: SPF50 PA++++, mineral UV protection filter, and vegan.

Review: I love how the Benton Mineral Sun Stick can create an even application with ease. There’s also little to no whitecast. I don’t feel that it’s obvious that I’m wearing sunscreen when I use this sun stick. It also doesn’t appear or feel oily and greasy. It’s really lightweight and it leaves my skin feeling moist.

I’m not exactly a fan of using sun sticks on my face because I don’t like how they drag/pull my face’s skin on application, but there’s a lot of good things about the Benton Mineral Sun Stick so if you usually use sun sticks then you should definitely give this one a try. If you watch my video, this sunstick doesn’t pull my skin with too much strength. I would definitely use this on my arms and legs though.

Benton Honest Eyelash Serum
Key Ingredients: 2 Types of Peptides, Amino Acid Complex, and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Review: I love wearing false eyelashes and eye makeup whenever I want to get glammed up. However, I feel like I’ve been neglecting my eyelashes recently because of all the eye makeup. Luckily, I received the Benton Honest Eyelash Serum just in time. I’ve been using it before applying makeup and after removing my makeup. This eyelash serum is light but still adheres well to my eyelashes. I love the curved applicator, it makes applying the eyelash serum quick and easy to do.

Benton Honest Lip Balm
Key Ingredients: 7 Botanical Oils, Shea Butter, and Tocopherol.

Review: To make sure that I can create a beautiful lip makeup look even when my lips feel slightly dry, I used the Benton Honest Lip Balm before applying my lipstick. This Lip Balm made my lips look plump and glossy. It definitely moisturized my lips while making sure that there were no flakes.

Disclaimer: I received these Benton skincare products from StyleKorean in exchange for my honest reviews. I received no monetary payment but the links included are my affiliate links.

@prelel ✨How I prep my face for makeup with @bentoncosmetic .✨ 🌸Benton Mineral Sun Stick: Use a sunscreen that's not sticky or greasy and also leaves little to no whitecast. 🌸Benton Honest Lip Balm: If your lips feel dry or have chaps, you can use a lip balm before applying your lipstick. 🌸Benton Honest Eyelash Serum: If you have sparse eyelashes like me then you'll appreciate a good eyelash serum. I like to apply it before using my eye makeup and also after removing my mascara or faux eyelashes. 🌸Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner: For a smoother makeup application, you can incorporate an exfoliating toner in your skincare routine. 🌸You can read my honest reviews of these Benton skincare products on my blog: ✨ 💖Where to get Benton products on @STYLEKOREAN? ✨ #prelel #skinfluencer #beautyph #beautybloggerph #kbeauty #kbeautyph #kbeautyblogger #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #skincareph #beautyaddict #skincareaddict #koreanbeautyaddict #koreancosmetics #abcommunityph #abcommunity #trymereviewme #trymereviewme_benton #bentoncosmetic #stylekorean #stylekorean_global #beautyreview #skincareroutine #challenge #skincare #skincaretips #veganskincare #cleanbeauty #crueltyfree ♬ Fever - Dua Lipa & Angèle

Where to get it?
You can get Benton products at StyleKorean.


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