Nacific Sun Essence & Vegan Lip Glow Review

One of the Korean beauty brands that I’ve been meaning to try is Nacific. In this post, I’ll be sharing my reviews of their vegan skincare products namely their sun essence and their lip balm.

NACIFIC Vegan Skincare
Nacific Sun Essence
Nacific Vegan Lip Glow Clear
Nacific Vegan Lip Glow Soft Mauve

Nacific Sun Essence
Features: 100% Vegan, SPF50+ PA++++, and Physical & Chemical Formulation.

Functions: Brightening, Anti-wrinkle, and UV Protection. 

Review: A weightIess sunscreen, the Nacific Sun Essence has little to no whitecast. It’s easy to spread on my skin and it leaves my skin looking and feeling hydrated. This sun essence also doesn’t make my skin feel sticky or greasy, it leaves my skin looking fresh. 

This sun essence has a pleasant smell. I like how comfortable it feels on my skin and how it doesn’t sting my eyes. I love the pretty colors of the packaging, it looks elegant. 

Nacific Vegan Lip Glow
Features: 100% Vegan, natural ingredients, 15 kinds of plant-based oil complexes, and fermented oil.

Review: Lightweight and subtle, the Nacific Vegan Lip Glow leaves my lips feeling moisturized and looking supple without making it look too glossy. It’s perfect for prepping my lips for lipsticks that have a matte finish. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I have both the Clear and the Soft Mauve. The Soft Mauve is a tinted lip balm and I love how it makes my lips look healthy and vibrant.

Sometimes, I feel like it doesn't really glide over my lips, it's not that easy to spread on my lips.

I received this product for free from Picky and Nacific in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Sunscreen is A Must Talaga for Me .. will try this One Ms.Prelel thanks for sharing ❤️❤️


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