Antitox Spa Clean Mask Review

A mask that combines Antitox Spa Clean Mask is a spa-clean mask that deep-cleans pores with micro foam. It only takes 5 minutes for the dense micro foam to penetrate deep into the pores to absorb waste and push them out.

Key Ingredient
Anti Sebum P
9 types of Hyaluronic Acid

At first, I didn’t know that this was a wash off mask, I only realized it when I was reading the instructions while I was wearing the mask. It was because the mask initially felt like an essence sheet mask, when it started foaming, that’s when I knew that it wasn’t your usual sheet mask.

The bubbles foaming on the mask felt quite ticklish. After rinsing off the Antitox Spa Clean Mask, my skin didn’t feel dry at all, it felt really moist and cool to the touch. I like how this mask made my skin look glowing and brightened up. It also made my pores look clean and gave my skin an overall fresh appearance.

I like that the other side was a gauze that made applying the mask easier. Thanks to the gauze, the mask wasn’t accidentally overstretched and the mask was able to snuggly fit my face. Despite foaming a lot, the Antitox Spa Clean Mask stays in place. You can also use the gauze to exfoliate your skin.

Surprisingly, the mask didn’t have a hole for the mouth so your lips will also get a spa experience. It also has larger holes for the eyes so the foam doesn’t get near the eyes.

Price & Where To Get It
You can get the Antitox Spa Clean Mask at my Charis shop for $24 (₱1,370).