Moonshot Performance Cushion Light Fixing Review

I’ve always liked cushions from Moonshot because they work so well with my skin and they make a pretty good makeup base. I tried out the Moonshot Performance Cushion Light Fixing and here’s what I think about it.

Apart from the elegant appearance of the Moonshot Performance Cushion Light Fixing, another thing I like about its packaging is that it’s a rectangular shaped makeup cushion which makes it fit some of my makeup pouches better.

I also like the shape of the cushion puff, since it makes it easier for me to apply near the corners of my eyes. They call it an edge puff and it's made of soft and cushiony rubycell fabric.

Metagram Technology
Semi matte finish
Power lasting
Blue light protection
Sweat proof
Skin breathing performance
SPF43 PA++

Key Ingredients
6 types of ceramides
Human body-like collagen

Wrinkle Improvement
UV Protection

I like the coverage of the moonshot Moonshot Performance Cushion Light Fixing, it feels light on my skin and it doesn't clog my pores. I like that it was able to cover my pimples and dark circles without me having to use a concealer. My skin also looks glowy and even if I just use this cushion and a lip tint, I can already get an instant glow up without needing to use other makeup products. It adheres really well to my skin as well.

I didn't use a primer so if you look closely at my face, you can still see my pores.

For the photo above, I used a primer and it looked a whole lot better. My pores weren't that obvious anymore.

Where to get it?
You can get the Moonshot Performance Cushion Light Fixing at my Charis shop for $24 (₱1,370).


  1. Ang gandang cosmetics product lakas maka fresh sa face 🥰❤️


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