What I Wore to my Sister's Wedding [Review]

Initially, I wasn’t going to blog about this dress but since I was asked by so many people where I got my dress, I decided to do a review. This dress was probably the most expensive, if not one of the most expensive dress that I bought online.

A lot of people at the wedding asked me about my dress and they were even surprised to hear that it was a ready-to-wear dress that I bought online.

I didn’t know that the upper part of this dress was adjustable because it was a corset style on the back of this pink glitter dress. Since I didn’t know it was adjustable, I ended up choosing a size that had more allowance (I chose large). However, it ended up being somewhat loose on me, the corset was already tied up to the maximum yet we felt that it was still a bit loose. When you choose your size, there’s no need to think about making an allowance in your measurements because it has a corset at the back. In actuality, the medium would have fitted me better.

I got free shipping on this pink glitter dress. As for how long it took to arrive, I ordered this dress on October 14 and it was shipping out on October 31. I think I received the dress around the end of November or early December, there were some delays because of the pandemic. I ordered this dress 5 months before the wedding so I would suggest you do the same and order in advance because you’ll never know what issues could pop up.

Honestly, I love this dress to bits but there’s really one hard con that makes loving this dress a challenge. As much as how pretty the glitters look on this dress, it gets everywhere! I don’t mind it getting on my skin because it easily washes off after I shower but the problem is that the glitters also got on chairs and on the car. On the day of the wedding, my room’s floor was full of glitters. I’m not sure how many times they cleaned the car just to get the glitters of the seat. I also kept this dress on a plastic bag during the times that I didn’t use it.

Here are some random snaps from my sister's wedding.

The full price of this dress is PHP6,684.53 but because I used a coupon and some member points, I got a discount of PHP567.01 and paid only PHP6,117.52 (around $112.68 USD).

Where I bought it?
I bought this dress at YesStyle (link) and you can use my reward code “KBEAUTYLOVER” to get a discount.


  1. I saw your instagram story and found it fabulous! You really look like a fairy tale princess! Seeing here all the process, the care you took in everything is overwhelming. I am sure your sister was very happy!

  2. I was amazed by your nail art, so cutr


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