YesStyle Clearance Haul Featuring Spring Dresses [Outfits & Reviews]

Can you believe that 8 out of 9 items featured in this post are from the clearance section? I really love discovering pretty finds at the clearance section. I can’t help but gush over how pretty the spring dresses I got from YesStyle’s clearance section.

The challenge with getting clothes from the clearance section is that you can’t always choose the size you want because sometimes the item up for clearance is only available for one specific size.

Pink Spaghetti Strap Lace A-Line Dress
The sizing that is written on their product pages are pretty accurate. I kind of expected to struggle with the Pink Spaghetti Strap Lace A-Line Dress. I was able to put it on but the chest area was too exposed because it was kind of small on my chest. I could still wear it though if I put a shirt under it.

Price: PHP663.21 (around USD 11.95)

Long-Sleeve Layered Mini A-Line Dress 
My favorite is probably the Long-Sleeve Layered Mini A-Line Dress because it hugs all the right places. It really accentuates my figure.

Price: PHP692.68 (around USD12.49)

Short-Sleeve Print Mini Qipao Crane & Lotus Pond
The print of the Short-Sleeve Print Mini Qipao is so pretty, it features a Crane & Lotus Pond design. I would love to wear this on Lunar New Year next year.

Price: PHP594.43 (around USD10.71)

Denim A-Line Skirt with Chain 
Price: PHP795.85 (around USD14.34)

Sleeveless Print Lace-Up Dress
This is the only one that’s still available (maybe because it wasn’t from the clearance section). You can get it here.
Price: PHP927.26 (around USD16.71)

Pink Pleated Mini A-Line Skirt
Price: PHP582.14 (around USD10.49)

Gray Pleated Mini A-Line Skirt
Price: PHP673.03 (around USD12.13)

Lettering Baseball Jacket
Price: PHP874.45 (around USD15.76)

Price: PHP658.30 (around USD11.87)

I only converted the pesos to US dollars now so the actual price in terms of dollar might have been lower at the time that I checked out the clothes.

Where I got them?
You can find deals at YesStyle’s Clearance Section and use my Reward Code for more discounts “KBEAUTYLOVER”.


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