Coringco Recipe Note Eyeshadow Palette Flat Peach Pie Review [A Recipe for a Peachy Makeup Look]

I’ve been eyeing this super adorable eyeshadow palette for a while now. If memory serves my right, it has been staying in my YesStyle wishlist for at least half a year. Now that I’ve decided to go ahead and get it, I couldn’t be happier. It’s such an adorable eyeshadow palette, it comes in a notebook design that’s definitely aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Flat Peach Pie Palette
FP01 eye glitter with gold light purple pearls
FP02 peach blush
FP03 mixed big glitters
FP04 light peach matte
FP05 sun-dried peach matte
FP06 cinnamon brown matte
FP07 pink & purple pearl glitter

Aside from eyeshadows, this palette also comes with a blusher which eliminates the need to find a matching shade of blush.

For my makeup look, I used all of the shades that came in the Coringco Recipe Note Eyeshadow Palette (Flat Peach Pie).

All of the shades in the Coringco Recipe Note Flat Peach Pie Eyeshadow Palette were pigmented and easy to apply. Even the blush was really pigmented but it didn’t look too bright, it still gave off a natural peachy vibe. As for the eyeshadows, they were really pigment and the glitters left my eyes with a soft shimmery feel to it. I love that there is a combination of matte and glitter eyeshadow, both with lighter and darker colors. I used the light glitters on the middle of my eyelid and on the inner corners of my eyes and I really like how it made my eyes pop.

I got the Coringco Recipe Note Eyeshadow Palette during a sale along with 2 other Korean makeup products which I will also review soon.

Where to Get It?
I got the Coringco Recipe Note Eyeshadow Palette Flat Peach Pie at YesStyle for P997.80 and you can use my reward code “KBEAUTYLOVER” to get a discount.


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