Boncept Super Fixing Tint Pink Fixing Review

Formulated with 5 fruit extracts, the Boncept Super Fixing Tint is a long-lasting hypoallergenic lip tint from Korean beauty brand Boncept.

Orange Fixing, Coral Fixing, Pink Fixing, and Plum Fixing.

Key Ingredients
Pomegranate Extract, Lemon Extract, Strawberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, and Banana Extract.

Upon opening, the first thing I noticed about the Boncept Super Fixing Tint is that it had a really fruity scent to it. As for the consistency, this tint was quite glossy and the color was vibrant and pigmented. I tried the pink fixing and it came in a bright pink color that made my lips look glossy and youthful. The color was quite long-lasting. Even after a few hours when the glossiness faded, my lips still had a pink tinge to it. It was still pinkish the next day.

Where to get it?
You can get it at Charis.