If We Can Make Each Other Happy, Then We Just Can't Lose …
Today’s look has an elegant touch. I recently read a version of Alice in Wonderland and this is what inspired today’s outfit. This version’s Alice struggles to be and act like a lady, hence the elegant feel to today’s outfit. To finish it off, I added the theme of reading in the garden or at least I did in some of the photos. By the way, the black tube top can be worn separately from the dress but it comes with the gold scallop hem dress.

“There is something about your love that makes me just want to open up. Your flavor is the sweetest thing in life. I’m addicted to your chocolate high ‘cause I want you and I know that you want me. So let’s stay close like we’re supposed to be and just get high off our own supply. I’m addicted to your chocolate high. Jonesing and feeling under my skin. My nerves are screaming when you’re not here. See baby I need you. Sugar you’re so delicious."

About This Book Bag
The first thing my sister asked me when she saw this on my table was, "Is it a book or a bag?” It looks so much like a hardbound book and that’s what I like about it. The material it’s made of is glossy and sturdy, I think it’s made of PU. The main color scheme of this book bag is black and gold but it has black and white polka dots on the side. It has a gold chain as the shoulder strap. You can open and close it by using its magnetic button. This is priced at $14.99.

About Tmart
Shopping at is like shopping in a mall. They have a wide range of products from shoes, shoulder bags and handbags, clothes and other accessories to laptops, games and home gardening products to much, much more. Their products are priced affordably low and they offer worldwide free shipping. Not sure if this applies to all but when I visited their website, the currency was set to my country’s currency. They also have a point system which you might want to check out.

Tmart Women Letter Patter Clutch Bag Messenger Bag Black; Romwe gold scallop dress with black tube top; orange color block blazer; nude pumps; white rose necklace