Darling, The Reason I Look Up Is So I Can See The Skies Soar.
Ramblings aside, I wanted to go for something that was casual yet sweet. This outfit was inherently casual because of the shirt and skirt but not so much because of the bow sandals. Despite that, it still donned an easygoing look and thanks to the colors and prints, this outfit was sweet enough to eat. The sweetest part of this outfit for me would probably the skirt although you might say that it is arguably the mint sandals that is the sweetest. However, I find the skirt the sweetest because it looks like a picnic in a flowery garden thanks to the floral print, checkered print with flowers, denim-esque fabric and the eyelet lace hem.

You know what I really like about this outfit? Of course it is the shirt, silly. I may think the skirt is the sweetest but I find the shirt to be my favorite. It is just so unique and I find it like a garden and a raincoat all rolled into one stylishly casual shirt. I say it is like a garden because of the floral patterns but why a raincoat, you might ask? Well, it sort of feels like it would be somewhat, although not completely, waterproof because of the organza fabric; it has that sheer and slightly stiff fabric usually used for dresses. I have not tried wearing it while it is raining though, but now would be a good time to try because of the weather right now in the Philippines.

Remember my black unicorn bag from my last outfit? I was not able to talk about it so here we are. Technically, it is more of a wallet bag and not so much of a regular bag since it does not have enough space to be one and that was how Front Row Shop labeled it. Notice the sixth picture, I am wearing the strap around my neck and that is actually how it should be worn but I do prefer hanging it on my shoulders instead. The wallet is pretty sturdy actually, probably because of the thick synthetic leather material.

Front Row Shop white stripes and floral print organza shirt; Romwe assorted floral print tiered eyelet lace hem skirt; Front Row Shop black “pegasus zero” wallet; blue ruffled socks; Romwe mint chunky heeled buckled bow sandals