How do you like my new lace dress? Do you find the intricate lace design as lovely and mesmerizing as I do? Yeah I know, I am a sucker for lace. The dress just looks so dainty and fragile and yet sturdy at the same time. It might probably be because they used polyester for the material of the dress. As sturdy as it is, it is light and breezy since it is a cover up and because it is a cover up, there are more ways for me to mix and match this dress. I can go for the black and white look like this outfit or pair it with white. I mentioned before in my Galacia outfit what I think the difference in style of black lace from white lace. However, what separates this from other lace dresses is not just because it is a cover up, but because of its hemline. I mentioned in my Cutout Scallop Hem on Cutout Scallop Hem outfit about how much I love scallop hems. The way they designed the circular flower patterns as the hemline is just so cute, I’m glad they did not go for the generic straight line hem. Plus, the length of the sleeves is just perfect for me. I like dresses that have sleeves that go beyond the elbow but does not reach the wrists just like in my Roses in Easter outfit.

Although I like this outfit because of the dress, the shoes are just as cute. I have been meaning to get chunky high cut sneakers for myself but I have not really found one that I like. Until now that is. The only thing I would want to change is the color of the shoelaces which I will soon replace with white shoelaces as soon as I get a hold of one but other than that, I love it! I just love how glossy it is and comfortable it is. It is a break from all those high heeled shoes, it does have platforms though but that does change the fact that it feels comfy.

LovelyWholesale white polyester floral pattern lace scallop hem dress; black lace tank top; black lace shorts; LovelyWholesale black and white chunky high cut platform sneakers; white ruffled socks; Front Row Shop black pegasus wallet