Saturday Morning Jumped Out Of Bed And Put On My Best Suit.
My sister told me to listen to the song “Rude” by Magic! and at first, I did not really like it but soon enough it stuck to me. So I was watching the music video and when it came to the part where the girl went out of their house to run away with the guy, I had an epiphany, “Hey! What she is wearing gives me an idea for an outfit,” and that is how this outfit came to be, although my sister argues that it does not really look like the outfit that the girl wore. What my epiphany gave me to work with was to wear something floral, denim and a kimono. After planning my outfit, the rest was easy. I just had to find some random door to knock on. Lol just kidding.

For some reason, I keep thinking that this outfit reminds of my When I Met You in the Summer outfit. It makes me think of summer too, must be because of the floral, sheer and denim. Speaking of denim, I feel like I am developing an affinity towards loose jeans not that I can wear loose jeans right now since it is just so hot here in the Philippines. If you check out my Fashiolista x Cult of Individuality outfit, you will see what I am talking about. Back to these pants, did my mention how cute I find the embroidered patches? It is the reason why I got these pants despite me having so much jeans, it being distressed jeans helps too. I could stare at the patch design for hours which is why I probably will not wear this to school, I cannot afford to have distractions right now. Refer to my How I Live Now outfit.

What do I like the most with this outfit? Well I am certainly biased with the watermelon bag. If you have been following my blog, you would remember that I have worn some watermelon themed outfits. That and you would also know that I have an affinity for unique and cute bags such as this. The bag I am wearing in this outfit was transparent so I decided that I would match it with my top by placing one of my floral tops inside the bag. If I did not do that then my bag would probably look too shiny in the photos because of the sunny setting. It is glossy because of its material which is also what makes it waterproof. Surprisingly, this bag is big enough for my seven inch tablet which is more reason for me to love it. My dilemma when I go out is that I want to tote around a small bag but my small bags usually do not have enough space for my tablet which doubles as my phone so I end up having to use a much larger bag. I have been wearing this bag everywhere I go! Except for school since it is too small for that but that is how it is, convenient and cute.

I actually inserted one of my floral tops in my bag so it would match my top.

off-white floral sheer tank top; Romwe distressed light denim crop jeans with embroidered patches; Cotton On sheer kimono; neon green peep toe heels; Romwe transparent green and red watermelon shaped shoulder bag with chain strap