Hello dears! I am so excited for you to join me in my first ever beauty post. I have been meaning to blog about beauty related posts but I just did not have enough motivation to do so, or at least not until now. This post is actually way overdue. I was just so swamped with academics and with my outfit posts. Since this is my first time coming up with a beauty post, I was so unsure on what to do. I wanted it to be on par with my outfit posts and other posts, which is why it took me a while to prepare for this post. Anyway, before I begin with my review, I would like to thank Brushlove for contacting me and for finally giving me the motivation to move my butt and make a beauty section on my blog.

Brushlove is a team of professionals and beauty enthusiasts dedicated to bring you the beauty tools you need catered to your specific beauty necessities. They have a wide variety of hairbrushes to choose from, whether you need it for your long locks, short tresses, curly locks, wavy mane, straight hair or whatever your lovely hair may be! Plus, these styling tools are made of organic materials! Brushlove desires to aid you in your quest of finding the right styling tools that you will love. They do their very best to romance your hair.

One of the items Brushlove sent me was a VOA eye contour brush and it was “like a box of chocolates.” As the label mentions, their VOA eye contour brush is animal-friendly and is a modern artisan makeup tool made with super-soft premium bristles. True enough, the bristles of the eye contour brush were soft to the touch, as if they were meant to caress my skin. I really like the fluffy texture it has, it felt as if I was rubbing my stuffed toy against my face. It was much more precise than the normal brushes I use which come along with eye shadow palettes I use.

Aside from the brushes, they also sent me 21 pieces of quality incense sticks as a gift. I really love things that smell good and I must say, these smell absolutely phenomenal.

Stephanie, the person who contacted me, asked me a couple of questions regarding my hair. I answered with my hair length, hair type and hair texture. Apparently, they have different types of hair brushes depending on these three categories! For my case, I had thick, wavy hair that was as “long as Rapunzel’s”. They sent me their BrushLab Bang Control which is great for all hair types. This hairbrush is made of ceramic, however, one should not apply direct, focused heat to the thermal barrel for more than several seconds. This brush is perfect for styling bangs and intensifying curls, as mentioned in the label.

So I started my partitioning my hair with clips.

Then I used some styling serum on my hair for extra protection.

Here’s me rolling up my hair with the hairbrush then blow-drying it.

The result of my fumbling around is me with tamer wavy hair and shinier looking hair.

Here we have my first use of my new contour brush.

I used the pink eye shadow first.

Followed by the pink eye shadow is the purple eye shadow.

I would like to give a big thank you to BrushLove for giving me these styling tools! My hair and eyelids would like to thank BrushLove as well for making them much more pretty! Check out their $50 gift certificate giveaway!