Sorry for the late outfit post! I am currently in the middle of my midterms. However, I was able to secure a time for blogging before I dive back into midterm mode once again. See how much I love my lovely readers? That, and I might just be finding ways to procrastinate.

Today’s outfit is yet another flowery one. This is one of my older outfits that I relentlessly forget to post. This was around the time before I started jogging and after my When I Met You in the Summer post. Speaking of that outfit post, I mentioned that I would use this bag for school and yet somehow, I am unable to do so because I have so much stuff to carry around. A backpack was just much more convenient for school.
v I so cannot wait for the weather to get much more cooler here in the Philippines but I would like it if the rain would spare me. I just realized that most of my cute clothes are long sleeved and are made of a thick fabric such as the one I am wearing in this outfit. I just find the top’s floral print so simple yet pretty! The same goes for the skirt but I especially like how they shaped the skirt, they made it seem so fluffy. I could not resist swaying my skirt because it was just so fluffy.

Romwe white floral print long sleeved top; Romwe purple sheer floral print skirt; pink flower necklace; Mart of China brown tote bag; bow sandals