Last June, I attended my relative’s wedding reception. According to them, they only had a limited time to prepare the venue and plan the wedding reception. It did not seem that way to me though, the place looked fantastic and I just loved the flowers they used to decorate the venue. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the lights since they kept changing the color of the lights and I was just so happy with the results of the pictures.

Say hello to my sister’s hands.

Now, say hello to my brother’s hands.

We had cold cuts as the appetizer.

Following the cold cuts are the shrimp in wasabi sauce decorated in peach slices. Yes, the green sauce glazing the shrimp is wasabi sauce. I actually liked it but my parents and siblings did not have the same sentiments.

I drank so much Mirinda that day.

I think this was crab soup.

I did not drink this, okay. I just found it on the table.

Scallop and broccoli, this was the one dish that I could not have seconds because everyone wanted more of the scallop.

Their steamed lapu-lapu in soy sauce tasted pleasant but it was one of the dishes that were not finished.

I only ate chicharon from their roasted duck and chicharon dish because by the time this dish got to my seat, only the duck head was left.

Their fried taro ball was scrumptious and it tasted even better with the sauce and because not everyone thought the same, I was able to get seconds.

If I remember correctly, this was something similar to peanut butter tikoy.

I do not know what this dish was called but it was the last dessert and the last dish served.

Now that the party is over, everyone is trying to get their hands on a bouquet of flowers.

My family got to take home around three bouquets and I was able to take a photo with one before they dismantled the bouquet for a much more convenient way to carry them home. Oh and this is a sneak peak for my next outfit!