This shirt immediately reminded me of the garlands they use in Hawaii, also known as leis.

I felt like wearing a pastel outfit with a color palette of similar hues and with a tiny pop of mint.

My new mint watch reminds me of my previous favorite watch which I wore on my Sammydress review outfit. I have a soft spot for chunky looking watches such as the one I wore in this outfit but only if they come in bright or pastel colors.

These were the gold metal hairpins I wore in my Rosa Novias outfit. My hair looks a little messier in this outfit post because the weather was really hot that day.

These mid finger rings are so cute but they would probably be even cuter had I worn nail polish.

One of the mid finger rings reminds me of the nail ring I wore in my Dualshine post and Pancake House post.

The items I chose from Lovelywholesale had free shipping, they actually had pretty cute trinkets that had free shipping.

Not sure if you have noticed this, but I still feel a bit feeble when these photos were taken due to my recent recovery from dengue as I mentioned in my Milanoo post.

Now, what do we have here? Some kind of awkward pose which was partially candid.

It kind of looks like I am in Tagaytay, do you not think so too? But I am actually just inside our school campus.

Just like the mint sunglasses I wore in my A Perfectly Ordinary Day outfit, these transparent and glossy sunglasses make a perfect accessory to my pastel outfits.

Here we have my customary act of holding sunglasses in hand.

ZeroUV brown retro Indie fashion round key hole sunglasses; Lovelywholesale gold leaf metal hairpin; Romwe pink get lei’d shirt; Terranova light orange petal hem lace shorts; Romwe pink bow heels; Lovelywholesale mint watch; Lovelywholesale gold metal mid finger ring set