I found this cozy little restaurant that serves English bites and brews. I and my friend went to The Royal Piccadilly in search for a place to grab a bite for dinner or in my case, I snacked before having my dinner. The Royal Piccadilly is nested on the second floor of Petron Square La Vista in Katipunan.

The place is filled with British style decorations.

Plastered on the walls of the restaurants are pictures of classic British bites and more.

I am envious of their pretty cake stands and tea sets.

You can find their new offerings at the boards on top of the counter. At that time, their new offerings were hot chocolate and cookies with milk.

You can also check out the cookies they sell at the counter.

Now it is time to dig in or as they say, “tuck in!” We ordered Caesar salad, buffalo wings, meat pie and a pot of Twinings tea.

Their Caesar salad (195 pesos) had croutons or bread, Parmesan cheese and bacon. It was scrummy!

Their meat pies (175 pesos) come in beef and tomato, beef and gravy, steak and cheese, chili con, and creamy chicken.

I had the creamy chicken meat pie. Aside from chicken, I think their creamy chicken meat pie had carrot, green peas and potatoes.

Another starter we ordered was buffalo chicken wings (295 pesos).

I am not so sure if their buffalo chicken wings came with rice or if my friend just ordered it separately.

Their buffalo chicken wings came with sticks of celery and carrots as well as a dip.

For drinks, I had water and a cuppa tea.

Their tea set is oh-so-cute!

Their tea set came with a small tea tray, a pot of hot water, a small pot of sugar, a cup and a Twinings sand timer. The Twinings sand hourglass set came in hourglasses of two minutes, three minutes and four minutes.

The tea flavor I chose was strawberry and mango. Honestly, I developed a preference for the Twinings brand of tea due to the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” wherein the book kept mentioning Twinings.

Their plush seats, pretty decorations and ambiance made it a perfect place to enjoy a cuppa tea.

Hello! I finally got to wear my white floral top again from my Fluffy Flowers outfit post. Overall, the food was good but a little too heavy on the wallet. If you are worried about the price, fret not, they offer around 10% cashback via Zap. Also, some time around October last year, they had an anniversary promo wherein they held an afternoon tea buffet for 350 pesos per person from 2-6PM on Sundays. I hope they have another afternoon tea buffet soon, I would love to avail it.