My brother, cousins and I went to Red China a few months back. Pardon the Ginza Bairin flyer, someone handed it to us while we were walking at the ground floor of the Activity Center in Trinoma on the way to Red China. Red China is by Super Bowl which is a restaurant my family frequented during my childhood days. It really brought me a lot of nostalgia since most of the dishes my brother ordered were dishes which my family used to order when I was a child. Red China was where I wore my A Perfectly Ordinary Day outfit.

”Fresh discoveries in Chinese cuisine across Asia.”

Take your pick, chopsticks or spoon and fork. I was in the mood for chopsticks at that time.

For appetizers, they served us complimentary kropeck. As a child, I and my siblings would always eat up the kropeck at Super Bowl while waiting for our orders. Back then, the kropeck was free and refillable. At Red China, the kropeck is still free but I am not so sure whether you can ask for refills.

Their Birthday Noodles (190 pesos) had noodles, vegetables and quail eggs.

Their Beef with Broccoli (250 pesos) had beef, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots.

Their Steamed Fish with Fresh Garlic (250 pesos) had fillets of fish, garlic and spring onions.

Lemon Chicken (150 pesos).

You might think that this food post is a bit lacking in detail and I would like to apologize for that, we only went here to grab a quick bite before heading to the movie house, hence the lack of rice and other dishes. If you are craving for classic Chinese dishes, then I recommend trying out Red China. Although, I think they do have more uncommon Chinese dishes, it is just that I have not tried them out since we got used to ordering classic Chinese cuisine at Super Bowl.