Today’s outfit features an initial tee from Fashion Republik. For this outfit, I settled for a classic black and white look and I was actually surprised by how this outfit turned out and I liked the results.

You can probably guess where or what kind of place this photoshoot took place in.

It kind of looks like I am heading to school. Do you not think so too? However, I was actually on the way to K-Pub BBQ with Isaac.

I was surprised at how this shirt fitted me so well. At first, I had a hard time regarding the size because I was scared about the shirt not fitting me well. I asked the shop owner of Fashion Republik if they had a size chart, sadly, they did not have one but she did offer me the unisex version of the shirt. I ended up choosing the ladies size because the shop owner advised me that even though the unisex size had a relatively larger size, it had no shape unlike the ladies size which had a shape that catered to a feminine physique. I chose the medium sized ladies shirt and I am so glad that I did, it fits me perfectly! It was not too tight but it was able to hug my figure. You may not notice this because I am wearing a jacket but once I post my K-Pub food post (I had to take my jacket off because the temperature got a bit hot thanks to the grill), you can see it for yourself!

I chose the letter “P”, because it stands for my name.

Fashion Republik black initial “P” shirt; Forever 21 black and white leather blazer; Romwe white scallop hem shorts; LovelyWholesale black and white chunky high cut platform sneakers; Kipling white backpack