For my and my friend’s birthday celebration last year, we dined at Torch to celebrate. This is the same group of friends that I ate with at Love Desserts. Sadly, one of my friend who is also the other birthday celebrant could not make it (I had to pay for the entire meal huhu). Torch is located at the ground floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City.

Their roasted pumpkin soup (189.95 pesos) had the right balance between the cream and the pumpkin’s flavor and texture. The soup was not too creamy and not overpowered by the pumpkin flavor. The bacon bits gave an occassional savory extra flavor, I say occasional because the bacon bits were few. The soup was also served with toasted garlic bread.

Pumpkin soups are one of my favorite soups so I am a little biased towards pumpkin soups. If you are not a fan of pumpkin soups then there is a chance that you might get tired of the taste after a while.

Their Margherita pizza (324.95 pesos) is “classic Margherita pizza topped with thick sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.” It was creamy and sweet because of the tomatoes.

I cannot seem to find this on the picture I took of the menu but according to the receipt, we ordered a glass of bottomless red iced tea (75 pesos).

Say hello to this refreshing glass of Twinings peppermint tea (55 pesos)! It might not be for everyone but if you love tea like I do then it is worth a try. The taste is very minty, perfect for chugging away the smell of food from your mouth.

The cheesy anchovies alfredo pizza (374.95) is an “Alfredo cream-based thin crust [pizza] topped with anchovies and sliced cheddar cheese.”

Oddly enough, despite it being called the appetizer sampler (495 pesos), it was the last to arrive among our orders. This large platter of fried goodness is best eaten hot, so do not let it get cold! A little warning though, some of the appetizers are pretty oily. It is better if you eat it with a lot of people so you would really end up just sampling the appetizers.

The sampler includes four buffalo Asian wings, there were two wings per stick. The wings are “spicy, specially marinated buffalo wings with 2 Asian sauces: Mandarin and Oriental.”

Sprinkled on the edge of the three shot glasses were chili powder for the chicken skin.

Chili cheese crispers are “breaded fried green chili stuffed with cheddar cheese and chili con carne.” The three chili cheese crispers came with a dip.

The truffle fries are “crispy potato fries tossed in truffle oil and served with signature dresing.” The dip for the truffle fries came in a shot glass.

What I really liked about Torch is their pizza! You can actually request to have two different flavors on your pizza. The price of the pizza will take on the more expensive pizza’s price. Ordering a pizza with two different flavors is perfect for those who eat in small group. Doing so, leaves you with less chance of takeouts and more chances to try more flavors!

Hello! I am wearing my crochet cardigan from my A Perfectly Ordinary Day outfit as well as my cascading ruffles dress from my Mister Tibbers outfit.