Teriyaki Boy is a Japanese restaurant with various branches located in the Philippines. It is a pretty nolstagic place for me since it was one of the places I and my friends ate the most during our grade school and high school days. If memory serves me right, we also ate there once while we were in college. The first time I ate there with one of my friends was when her mom accompanied us, at that time, their service tea was rice tea. I found it delicious. There were also times that I ate there with my family but it was only seldomly since my family prefers Chinese cuisine.

Chashu Ramen Shoyu (208 pesos) is “ramen noodles served with chashu slices, boiled egg, fish cake and wakame in shoyu soup base.” I liked the shoyu soup base that they used, it was delicious.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju (214 pesos) is their “signature grilled Teriyaki Boy Chicken, with sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce, topped on steamed Japanese rice.” You might not know this, but I have a soft spot for chicken teriyaki. During my recovery period post-dengue, I occassionally ordered take-out chicken teriyaki from Teriyaki Boy and Bubble Tea. While I was in critical condition in the hospital, I barely ate so when I was on my recovery period, my parents were more lenient on me despite the food being too oily for me.

Tamago Sashimi (96 pesos) is “Japanese sweet omelette, served with fresh daikon and wasabi.” Ever since I was young, I liked eggs and sweet things so this is the best of both worlds for me. I first came upon this dish when I was in grade school. My friend’s mom ordered this dish for us and I immediately liked it. This is probably one of the dishes I always go for in buffets serving Japanese cuisine.

Gyoza (122 pesos) is “also known as potstickers. Japanese dumplings, steamed and seared until crisp, served with a tangy soy-based dipping sauce.” I always ask for gyoza when I am dining at Teriyaki Boy with my family.

Pardon the lack of posts, I just finished my final exams. I have a lot of posts that are queued so stay tuned!