After dining at Blissful Belly vegetarian cuisine, our tummies were craving for a little meat to fuel our walk back to school. While walking around, we found Big City which sells sausages, burgers and wings. Sausages sounded terrific at that moment, so we decided to give Big City a try.

All their sausages cost 170 pesos and are served with a choice of fries or onion rings along with a drink.

Ordering food can be done at the counter. They had a second floor and a restroom as well as wifi.

According to their cashier, cheddar links and smoked brats are the best seller among the U.S. pork sausages.

I am still wearing the same outfit I wore on my previous post, Blissful Belly, but I took off my kimono since the weather got warmer on our way to Big City.

Considering the size, it felt like 170 pesos was too expensive for their sausage, despite it coming with fries and a drink. Isaac and I both agreed that maybe we were better off ordering their meals since some of those were cheaper (some were priced at 130 pesos).

According to Isaac, their sausage was badly grilled, hence the burn marks.

Their ketchup tasted like banana ketchup.

Our order was cheddar links sausage but we were not too sure if it contained any cheddar cheese at all since we did not taste any cheddar. Despite these complaints, the taste was okay but nothing special. On the other hand, the bread was nicely toasted, it was crispy. The bread they used was baguette. However, according to Isaac, their baguette does not possess the sour taste found in artisan bread.

The fries were okay but nothing special as well, it was your typical skin-on fries.

Big City is located at the ground floor of #15 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.