Dreaming With Silent Dreams And Enchanting Promises.
A new chapter has begun in my life. Today was my first day at work and I must say, I still feel excited even though the first day has just ended. Here is to new beginnings and exciting opportunities.

Today, my pink lace dress shines through. I mentioned this dress in my last outfit post, Zaful outfit post, and I am ecstatic to finally be able to share it with you.

At first, I already thought that this dress had an uncommon style, however, I realized it was much more unique. This dress was even more versatile than I could have expected, I was not aware that it had no inner lining.

Although I was initially disappointed that it had no inner lining, this dress shines through with its versatility of being interchangeably worn with different colored dresses and different dress shapes. It could even be used as a cover-up for beach attire.

Leaves for the lace design, how cute is that?

The three-quarter lengthed sleeves have edges with such a dainty-looking design.

I felt like wearing my brown braided belt with my new pink lace dress, I was after the texture.

Asymmetrically hemmed dresses would fare nicely with this asymmetrical dress.

I finally got my hands on some pretty handy tights. The design makes it look like knee high socks but because these are tights, it gives off a seamless appearance.

Zaful pink leaf patterned lace asymmetrical dress; thrifted brown and cream tiered dress; Zaful black spliced tights; H&M pink oxfords; brown braided belt; Cotton On off white hat