“As People Are Walking All The Time, In The Same Spot, A Path Appears.” ― John Locke
Pardon my messy look, it was a rainy day when these outfit shots were taken last Sunday. The wind kept blowing my hair into a mess. I just hope that my other outfits will not be greatly hindered by the rainy season.

Check out my new navy blue blouse from Zaful! I paired it off with my pink skirt in order to match the tiny details of my blouse namely the pink bow at the back and the pink buttons on the sleeves. Truthfully, I wanted to pair this cute blouse with my bow cutout jeans. However, I settled with this faux leather skirt because it matched the color of the bows and buttons more closely plus it makes my outfit a simple one and I was definitely in the mood for simplicity.

The back of the navy blue blouse features a lace up bow. Also, my brother tells me that this is a ballet blouse.

Time to introduce Zaful! Zaful is all about daring and edgy fashion, they desire to offer the latest trends to fashion-forward girls. Their brands include emerging designers, perfect for those who are looking for something fresh and something different. My experience with them was good, the package arrived in timely manner and the clothes were of good quality. I really love the pink dress I got which I blogged about in my Silent Dreams post.

I just adore the bishop sleeves, it was one of the reasons why I got this blouse.

Zaful navy blue bishop sleeved lace up bow blouse; Forever 21 pink cutout scallop hem faux leather skirt; H&M pink oxfords; brown satchel bag