“The Marks Humans Make Are Too Often Scars.” — John Green, The Fault In Our Stars"
Pastel pink with accents of 40s fashion is the theme for today’s outfit! Just dainty, is it not? The three-quarter sleeves and the pink pleated skirt look all puffy and sweet; running my hands through the sleeves and the skirt was just so fun. It was actually the chiffon top that made me think that this outfit look 40s-ish. The chiffon top featured a high neckline and adorably sized polka dots as well as a bright pop of color, can you blame me for thinking that it seemed retro-ish?

I recently bought a brown satchel and made it my new favorite bag. I could not resist it since it was just so adorable and on sale too! Currently, I use it for work instead of my big brown bag which I wore on my When I Met You in the Summer outfit. It is small and easy to carry, making it convenient for commuting plus I find it to be very sturdy because of the hard material it was made from.

Last but not least, I hope you did not ignore my gold leaf belt. It is such a quirky looking accessory! By hooking them together, the leaves act as the connectors while the rest of the belt is a tightly compressed spring which acts as the extender of the belt.

Clothing Rack pink polka dotted chiffon three-quarter puffy sleeves top; DressGal pink pleated chiffon skirt; NewDress gold leaf belt; pink bow heels; brown satchel bag