Red Roaster Bistro is a fast casual dining restaurant serving meals at reasonable prices. I dined here right before dining at La Creperie which is located right across the street.

The interior is designed fast food restaurant style wherein you sit down for a quick bite and go.

They serve salad, salad combo, starters, all day meals, grilled ciabatta sandwiches and extras.

They also serve pasta, pasta combo, desserts and drinks.

For drinks, they have cold drinks, hot drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, coffee and milkshakes.

Their meals start at 110 pesos, lemon iced tea also comes with the meals.

According to Isaac, their pesto pasta lacks fragrance and their pesto sauce seems to be made from spinach which explains the lack of fragrance. On the other hand, their toasted bread was nicely toasted. As for me, I have no complaints since Isaac knows that I am biased towards pesto pasta. However, when Isaac added salt to the mix, I liked it even more.

Their pasta was cooked but still firm or as they say, it was al dente.

According to their cashier, their best seller is the roast chicken.

The roasted chicken tasted good. Despite being slightly overcooked, it was still acceptable.

At first, Isaac thought their mashed potato was store bought. After tasting it, he realized that it was made by the restaurant. There were still chunks inside and it was lacking in flavor. Good thing the mashed potato came with gravy but the gravy was a bit bland. It would probably go well if you eat it with meat such as the roasted chicken or you can add salt and pepper for a tastier experience.

They brought the salt and pepper along with the mashed potato.

Their margherita was sweet. Isaac was a little disappointed because he wanted his margherita pasta sour.

Their margherita pasta was cream based and if you dip the toasted bread with their margherita sauce, the toasted bread would taste even better.

Their roasted pork came with a sauce. Isaac said the sauce was Mang Tomas. As for the taste, it was akin to your typical roasted pork belly, tender and flavorful.

The skin of the roasted pork belly was delicious, it was similar to chicharon whereas other roasted pork would normally have tough skin.

We do not know for sure if the combination meal (235 pesos) is better than ordering the share option because we are unsure about the serving size of the share option. However, with the combo, there is room for more variety of food and an option to pair it with mashed potato (35 pesos) or rice (15 pesos).

Red Roaster is located at the ground floor of Casa Baronesa Building, 86 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For deliveries and pick ups within Loyola Heights, just dial 436-3699 and 212-1212 for deliveries within Metro Manila.