Surprisingly, this dress had a different style from what I envisioned but not in a bad way. It was probably because of the difference in body shape, the model in the product page had a slim figure. Do not get me wrong, I actually liked how this green chiffon dress looks on me since I usually wear skater dresses.

The dress was shorter than expected but the product description did mention that it was a mini dress. However, I did not mind the difference in length since I was going to wear tights underneath anyway.

The sailor collar on the back makes it look super cute, it is probably the only thing that makes it look sailor-ish.

I love this coat! It totally looks sailor-ish, right?

Aside from the sailor look, I like the thickness of this jacket, it is not too thick like my wool jackets but thick enough to be used in cool weathers. I was thinking that it could probably fill the void left by my favorite jacket which I lost, I mentioned this in my Need More Sleep outfit.

“Meow meow,” says the cats on the dress.

The double stripes on the sleeves is a cute touch, I find it simple yet perfectly in sync with the round metal buttons, creating a sweetly simple yet elegant feel.

Today’s lovely dress and adorable coat comes from DressGal! Although they offer a lot of fashionable items, what I really like about them are their affordable dresses. I was really surprised to find out that the dresses they had were offered with free shipping. There were a lot of dresses to choose from, most of which were set at affordable prices. Surprisingly, they even offered 15% off through the cash coupon they gave out after I registered an account.

Dressgal green chiffon cat printed dress; Dressgal black sailor back collar double breasted coat; brown braided belt; black tights; brown boots