Flaming Wings is undoubtedly one of my top places to get good buffalo wings. I used to go there with my family after swimming trainings but it was only once or twice. Upon entering college, I saw myself frequently dining at Flaming Wings. I often ordered their Hunger Buster meal which has a pretty high value for money.

The malted double chocolate 22 oz (170 pesos) was a bit pricey but it was soothing and delicious. It was definitely malty, like an expensive version of Milo.

The clam chowder soup (95 pesos) contained a lot of ingredients such as celery, clam meat, pork, potato, onion and spring onion. It needed a little salt so we asked the server for some salt and pepper.

Due to the tomato paste used in the marinara sauce, their puttanesca pasta (145 pesos) tasted zesty and salty. According to Isaac, the taste was overpowered by the anchovies to the point that it felt like he was eating anchovies. On the other hand, I absolutely enjoyed the taste, it was to my liking because anchovies and capers are a few of my favorite food.

When Isaac tasted the plate of mozzi sticks (160 pesos) I ordered, he thought that he was eating meat because it was so chewy. It was good but it tasted even better with the zesty marinara sauce. However, it is better consumed hot in order to keep the mozzarella’s gooeyness intact.

Whenever I dine at Flaming Wings, I usually get the wings in barbeque with honey mustard dip, it was scrumptious. This time, I ordered the three wings (150 pesos) which had a price that was not too shabby either. Despite being covered in sauce, the skin of the chicken was crunchy and the meat was tender and juicy. The wings were well battered, the barbeque sauce and honey mustard dip gave it an extra zing.

The pesto pasta (135 pesos) was a little too bland for us. It was lacking in the flavor of basil, rather, it was full of spinach. If it helps, try adding salt.

According to Isaac, the baguio petchay made the slightly spicy kimchi rice (30 pesos) feel like we were eating kimchi.

I like my buffalo wings with mashed potato (45 pesos).

This was probably the only time that I ordered the other food selections at Flaming Wings. I usually just order wings but since Isaac and I wanted to celebrate the end of my thesis, we decided to splurge a little. However, I think I’ll stick to ordering just good ol’ buffalo wings next time around.

Flaming Wings is located at 318 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.