Last October 25, I attended my first Blogapalooza, a business to blogger event. The theme for this year’s Blogapalooza was Seasons. I thought that the theme was a nice touch, the seasons tied the booths together nicely. 

We had a little photoshoot for my Prelude to Naivety outfit before heading to One Esplanade.

Isaac and I arrived at the event pretty early. Despite arriving early, we were unable to go around all the booths.

Most of the participating companies were still setting up when we arrived.

The very first booth I checked out was the Lactium feel good booth. Since I’ve been feeling a bit stressed from work, I thought that it might be a good idea to try it out.

Aside from the random prize and raffle, bloggers were able to take a stress test and receive stress management advice. Essentially, taking a pill of Lactium before a stressful event or before bedtime helps “beat stress naturally.”

One of the busiest booths was the Sosro fruit tea booth. They had a handful of fun activities in store for bloggers.

I loved the photo booth, Isaac, on the other hand, was doubly excited over the caricatures. His caricature was of him in his chef outfit, mine was of me in what I was currently wearing and as a social media officer. Both our caricatures were designed after our occupation since it was the “battle” that we were currently facing.

We were both given a bottle of Sosro fruit tea, we both enjoyed the taste. The taste was pretty different from the usual bottled tea that we have tasted locally, it was more pleasing to the tongue. The Freeze was our favorite flavor because of its minty taste.

Orange blogapalooza eco bags can be found at the Eagle’s Wings Enterprises booth, a company offering tailor-fit gifts for corporate and promotional giveaways.

The Eagle’s Enterprises and Mindful Creation booth had one of the friendliest people in the event. They encouraged me to take a photo in their booth because the set somehow matched my outfit. They also offer backdrop and stage design as well as balloon set-up and decoration.

I prepared lots of calling cards just for this event, it was, for me, one of the most crucial item a blogger could have brought that day. I have been wanting to design my own calling card for the longest time but it was only until now that I got the chance to design and print them.

I love perfumes so I just had to check out the Fragrance Factory booth.

Snipe is a shopping app where deals find you so you will not have to find deals.

Isaac won an adorable chibi Captain America plushie from Snipe’s game. The game involved searching for a stub by fanning fake leaves over a span of time, it was a play on what they were offering. Basically, if you had the Snipe app, you will be free from the leaf-fanning hassle or the deal-searching hassle involved in malls.

I won a pretty nifty mug from Eagle’s Enterprises. I brought home some cookies from Chips Ahoy as well.

I cannot wait to avail of my free facial from Flawless! I won the free facial by getting a hole-in-one on my first try of their mini golf.

The food stub I got from Foodpanda led me to Bagwings, a food truck with the specialty of a combination of bagnet and buffalo wings.

Although Bagwings had other food offerings, I decided to choose their specialty, bagwings. Overall, the bagwings were spicy. Crunchy on the outside, the meat of the buffalo wings was deliciously tender. The bagnet was not really spicy but the sauce it came with was spicy. It seems as though it has been a while since I have had spicy Filipino dishes and I must say that I have missed it.

Drop by their food truck to get your fill of spicy Filipino combination dishes. Don’t worry, not all their food are spicy.

I won a one year subscription from a raffle from BitDefender, an Anti-virus program for computers.

Last but not least, I dropped by Iamcardboard’s booth right before I left. We talked about virtual reality and the likes. I must say, I am super excited to share with you what Iamcardboard has to offer.