From storage purposes to a means of transportating things and more, cardboard has always been an essential part of our daily lives, may it be a direct or an indirect means. However, who knew that cardboard can be so much more? Who would have guessed that something as simple as cardboard can become an escape from reality. Remember that one episode where Spongebob and Patrick would chant “imagination” repeatedly while inside a cardboard box? Well, ladies and gents, look no further because this particular cardboard will take your imagination to new heights. Introducing Iamcardboard, Google’s response to virtual reality.

Now, you may know that I do not usually blog about these kinds of things. However, gaming and all things tech has always been my passion. I first became fascinated with Virtual Reality consoles when I watched the series Sword Art Online. After watching the anime, I accidentally stumbled upon Occulus Rift, a virtual reality console in-the-making. Today, the product has already been introduced to the public.

In the past, there were already attempts in making the virtual reality consoles a reality, however, it was not perfected yet due to complications such as dizziness felt by its users. In truth, there was dizziness felt because when the person using the console turned his head, the screen did not follow, the screen still had the same graphics displayed which confused the brain. Our brains are used to seeing things in motion when we move around. As you might have guessed, that issue has already been solved with today’s virtual reality consoles thanks to gyroscopes and the likes.

So what then is stopping us from getting these awesome virtual reality consoles? Well, for one, they are pretty pricey. This is where Oculus Thrift comes in. Oh, excuse me, I meant Iamcardboard. When I first heard the phrase “Occulus Thrift”, I was so amused by it. Iamcardboard can cost as low as P500. Pretty cheap, right? Plus, you get to bring it and use it anywhere you can since it relies on your phone. What do I mean? Well, you can download all sort of apps that has VR functions. These sort of apps will have the cardboard logo on top of the app icon. Usually, these apps will also give you the choice to scan your cardboard’s QR Code for alignment purposes.

Technicalities aside, both Isaac and I are amazed with what we experienced with the Iamcardboard. It was fascinating, I am excited at the possibilities of Virtual Reality. I am even more excited with the possibilities of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality coming together. Imagine playing Pokemon Go in Virtual Reality. By the way, if you have noticed, some Iamcardboard gears have holes for your phone’s camera. Guess what, it is in consideration for Augmented Reality. Pretty cool, right?