On my way home from school, our car would always pass by Crazy Katsu. It had always intrigued me, afterall, after years of passing by the establishment, the image has been etched into my mind and I was finally able to try it right before I graduated.

I heard from some of my friends that Crazy Katsu had good food and to my surprise, the prices were pretty reasonable with the exception of a few menu items.

Yep, it’s my jacket from my Pastel Patriot outfit.

According to the menu, the iced coffee (65 pesos) was a must-try so we decided to try the iced coffee. However, we ended up feeling a bit disappointed with it.

Isaac’s only complaint was that there were only three cutlets of pork despite it being the most expensive dish in the menu. However, the price is still a bit reasonable since you get a plate full of sauce along with carrots and potato wedges. If you are big on rice, try ordering extra rice.

Their Katsu Curry (190 pesos) was scrumptious. The curry sauce was delicious, hinting its abundance of spices. The katsu, on the other hand, was nice and crunchy.

The Tonkatsu (150 pesos) was nice and crunchy as well. I was not in the mood for rice so I gave mine to Isaac.

The cabbage salad came with Japanese mayo of which Isaac poured into the tonkatsu. The taste of tonkatsu drizzled with japanese mayo and dipped into tonkatsu sauce was actually quite pleasing.

Crazy Katsu, for us, is just another place where you can get your fix of good katsu as well as other Japanese food.

Crazy Katsu is located at 81 Unit I Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City.