This outfit post has been long overdue, these photos were taken during the first few months I started working. My Perceptions post gave way to this work outfit post, creating a contrast between my wistful self and my current realistic self.

One of the reasons why I liked the company I was working for is their dress code, smart casual appealed to me in ways more than one. Our office had a somewhat loose definition of smart casual though. During cooler days, I would wear my orange blazer. However, despite the heat, I would always prefer wearing slacks or tights (underneath skirts and dresses). I realized, especially after starting to commute to work, that I should just dress in what I feel comfortable in, as long as it still looks neat. I have to work on tucking my shirt though, sometimes it ends up looking a bit messy.

Forever 21 black and white varsity jacket; Uniqlo gray printed shirt; SM Woman black slacks; H&M pink oxfords; Payless black and white quilted shoulder bag